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An Inspector PhD Home Inspection provides you with peace of mind, whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent. Our inspectors guarantee unbiased accuracy and professionalism. 

What to expect at your inspection

Your home inspection will take ~2-3 hours. Our inspector will meet you at the property and go over your inspection agreement. The inspection will usually begin with an inspection of the exterior of the home, then the interior. The following systems will be inspected: structural, plumbing, electrical, roofing, interior, exterior, insulation, heating and cooling, windows and doors. Your inspector will point out any potential issues with the home and answer any of your questions.  You will receive a full report at the conclusion of your inspection.  Our service does not stop after your inspection is done. We are always available after you take possession if you have any questions!

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My Pledge to You

‚ÄčMaking sure you hire the best person for any job is always tricky. Home inspection is no different. Most home inspectors use high tech tools and bring varied levels of experience to the table. We bring the benefit of over 20 years in the industry along with the best education available. What can really make the difference is the effort and integrity the individual puts into the task at hand. I will ensure your property is inspected to the same level as if I was purchasing the property myself for my family to live in and that the information gathered is communicated in a clear and concise manner.