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I love doing new home warranty inspections. I believe that they are every bit as important, and possibly more, than an inspection when you are purchasing a home that isn’t brand new. The assumption that new can’t mean broken or wrong is not a good one, and quite often can be an expensive assumption to make.

People buy new homes because they want to know they won’t have any problems for a long time. Doing new home warranty inspections allows me to help both the builder and the home owner get what they want. The home owner gets a new home with everything performing as it should, and the builder gets a happy customer. What are the odds that an untrained home buyer who doesn’t work in residential construction will catch everything that might be wrong with your home? You can’t expect the builder to send a site supervisor out with a thermal camera, moisture meter and all the tools we use to examine each property for 3 or 4 hours. For the most part it is up to the home owner to list what problems arise.

The average amount in warranty deficiencies we have disclosed this year per house is $8350.00. I won’t bore you with breaking down the numbers, but non-invasive tools like thermography, moisture meters and endoscope photography represent a significant portion of the deficiencies found. Getting everything fixed that needs to be fixed before that first year is over is essential. Without an in-depth look and a clearly detailed report it would be difficult for most homeowners to achieve that.  Like I previously stated, any reputable builder wants happy customers. If 6 months after a warranty has expired a leaking skylight destroys drywall, home furnishings and personal belongings this will not a happy customer make. If, on the other hand, a full warranty inspection is conducted, the flashing around a skylight is flagged and the builder mends it you have a happy home buyer. Everybody wins.

A customer recently asked me how I approach a new home warranty inspection differently then a pre-purchase inspection. The answer is that there is no difference. You can make no assumptions in either scenario. You must inspect and relay evidence based findings. You never know what you will find. Here are just a few of the things I have found in new home warranty inspections: broken trusses nailed together with pieces of plywood; holes in roof sheeting as big as a beach ball that had just been shingled over; 9 inch holes cut in 11 ¾ inch wood I-beam joists just 6 inches from the pocket in a foundation; kitchen cupboards nearly falling off the wall from the weight of dishes stored in them; skylights with inadequate flashing; insulation stops completely blocked by insulation; and P-traps effectively turned into S-traps by poor workmanship. I could go on and on. An inspection is an inspection and a full investigation must be made in order to hear the story that the property is telling me.

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Last year, we found an average of over $8,000 in repair work to be completed under New Home Warranties!

You had your custom home built, carefully planning every decision and option. You need to be even more vigilant when it comes time near the end of your new home owner’s warranty. You want to be sure every deficiency that needs attention gets attention. This is where we come in. Our in depth knowledge of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program combined with our years of experience and state of the art tools can help you protect the home you chose your family. We will come within 60 days of the expiration of the warranty and put our skills to work for you.

This video explains what is covered under the program:

New Home Warranty Inspection FAQs

Q: Why is Inspector PhD the best choice for a new home warranty inspection?

A: At Inspector PhD we know the New Home Owner Protection Program inside and out. We not only perform more new home warranty inspections than any other inspection service provider in Alberta, but our exclusive knowledge and ongoing support helps you advocate more successfully to get the house you paid for. Not to mention our exclusive “Pays for itself or it’s free” Guarantee means there is no risk!

Q: My builder said they would hire a home inspector for me. Why not take the free one?

A: If your builder hires an inspector to do your warranty inspection the home inspector is working for the builder, not you. That inspector is hoping to get more work from that builder and knows they won’t if they find too many deficiencies. If the inspector is overlooking things to get more work, how free is that inspection? We work only for you before and after the inspection.

Q: Why do I need a third party warranty inspection? My builder said they will do a walk through and fix problems.

A: Your builder will not do what we do. We do a multipronged full investigation of your home. We use thermal imaging, radio frequency scanning and years of experience to find what would not be found by a simple walk through. We provide a non-biased, in-depth report of all issues in your home so you can speak to your builder with confidence about any issues we find.

Q: Can a third party new home warranty inspection effect the validity of my warranty?

A: Absolutely not. Having a licensed, insured and bonded Home Inspector evaluate your new home to ensure you get what you paid for is within the rights and of any home owner.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Q: Who can perform a new home warranty inspection?

A: In Alberta only a certified and licensed home inspector can perform a home inspection. However, a new home warranty inspection is quite different than a pre-purchase inspection and at Inspector PhD we specialize in your new home evaluation.  Of course, a home owner can choose to not have a warranty inspection done or can attempt to perform one themselves.  Before letting someone else do your inspection, check to make sure they are a licensed, certified home inspector with the Province of Alberta.

Q: Who is covered under a new home warranty?

A: Anyone who has purchased a newly built home since 2014 in Alberta is under the new home warranty program. The warranty program covers different things in the first, second, fifth, and tenth year, but everything is covered in the first year.

Q: When should I get a new home warranty inspection?

A: The optimum time is 4 to 6 weeks before the expiration of your first year warranty. However, we have performed inspections two days before the expiration date. This is less than ideal, but as long as the issues are reported before the end date you should be okay.

​​If we inspect your new home and find no warranty issues to flag there is No Charge for the inspection!

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